Music is not only able to improve a musician’s cognitive development (how smart you are), but it is also able to physically improve people. Here is how music can do that.



One of the most important skills when it comes to being good at sports is coordination. Music is actually one of the best “work out programs” for coordination that exists. It promotes hand-eye coordination and motor skills development. Musicians tend to be good in sports.



Auditory Skills

Music relies heavily on listening skills. Music can develop the ear and improve the detecting of meaningful information. Musicians also tend to have better auditory attention, and are able to pick out predictable patterns from surrounding noise.



Music when used right can slow the heart rate. Learning to play music fights stress and promotes selfcontrol. I used to work out to electronic dance music, or anything that was upbeat. I decided to experiment a little, so I started listening to either classical pieces or slow jazz tunes while working out.


This actually kept my heart rate lower than the upbeat songs did, which allowed me to get a better workout in the end. The music we listen to affects our heart rate, so listening to music that slows down your heart rate allows you to get less tired over time.




Learning how to sing and keep rhythm is great to develop coordination. Singing, playing the flute, trumpet, saxophone or any wind instrument also promotes breath control. I decided to apply my breathing techniques from singing into the tennis court a few months ago. I was truly amazed. I didn’t get nearly as tired, and was finally able to hit the ball hard without dying after a few hits.


Learning breathing techniques also helps with the flow of oxygen to the brain, which has helped me with my ability to focus and relax in stressful moments.







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The Secrets Behind Music and Physical Development
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