Improvising improves team working skills!

Research within the business community lately has indicated that team working skills have a ton of value when it comes to hiring decisions. More and more companies are relying heavily on teams to come up with products, ideas and innovations.

Music in general is a great tool to improve team working skills, since from an early age children are exposed to playing in band, orchestra, or with their teacher. Styles of music that rely heavily on improvisation such as jazz and blues are great areas of study for people who want to improve their team working skills, and here is why.


  • Listening

Many famous jazz musicians have quotes that go along the lines of “listening is more important than playing”. When it comes to improvising within a jazz ensemble, musicians are always paying close attention to what each other are doing. They often play things that are similar to each other and interact within the chord changes.

When it comes to team work, it is important to be able to not only listen to others, but also to make sense out of what they are saying and make it your own. The act of doing this with music reinforces the habit of listening, which will improve your brain’s performance when listening to anything, not just music.

Teamwork and team spirit - Hands piled on top of one another .
Teamwork and team spirit – Hands piled on top of one another .
  • Staying Out of The Way

If you play close attention to a jazz ensemble, you will notice that the musicians are able to complement what each other are playing without getting on each other’s way. Notice how the pianist usually stays away from the bass notes. That is just one example out of many that can be found when watching musicians improvise in a group setting.

Many people like to be heard all the time, and end up talking a lot. They always have an idea and often times neglect the fact that they aren’t giving space for others to share their opinion. This discipline of giving space in music also bleeds out to other team settings, which becomes another great quality as a team member.


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How Improvisational Music Can Build Team Working Skills
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