How Improvisational Music Can Build Team Working Skills Part 2


  • Creativity

The act of improvising music and composing something on spot requires a lot of creativity. It can take musicians years to be able to do such a thing and feel confident that they are creative enough to not play the same thing over and over again.

Creativity is valued in blues, but when it comes to jazz, it is almost everything that matters. Some of the top jazz musicians and educators of the planet such as Gary Burton put a lot of emphasis in using music as a language. This language should have ideas and phrases that rely on the musician’s creativity to come out.

Being able to come up with your ideas and having the confidence to introduce them in a music context can be difficult, but a great exercise not only in coming up with ideas, but also being able to share them with others.

Teamwork and team spirit - Hands piled on top of one another .

  • Intellectual Curiosity

There is more to art education then just making a pretty painting or a funky piece of music. Music is one of the very few, if not the only one art form that engages the whole brain. Musicians often times show traits of advanced imagination and curiosity.

Music encouraging the musician’s brain to think outside the box, and have more curiosity towards EVERYTHING. The more you know, the more problems you are able to solve. Music doesn’t just make you want to know more, but also encourages your brain to think outside the box, turning you into a more efficient problem solver.

Next time you think about improving your team working skills, consider hitting the practice room a few hours a week and see what happens!


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How Improvisational Music Can Build Team Working Skills (Pt 2)
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