Confidence makes a huge difference in today’s society. The biggest factor that improves a person’s confidence is their self-esteem, which is basically how that person’s views him/her self. Here are 5 ways in which learning about music and playing an instrument can help you improve your self-esteem and boost your confidence.

  • Music promotes craftsmanship

The most obvious way that learning an instrument improves self-esteem is by promoting craftsmanship. Being good at something makes you feel good about yourself. As humans, identity means a lot to us, and playing the piano like a beast or even shredding the kazoo gives us something to be proud of.

  • Music gives a sense of achievement

Often times in life we have to deal with barriers. Annoying things that get on the way of whatever we want. This happens a lot in music as well. Some passages are difficult, and require a lot of effort combined with healthy practicing. As a musician I can say that when I overcome hard technique or am able to play something that I couldn’t before, I feel like the king of the universe. It’s awesome. The more you achieve, the more you get used to achieving, which increases the belief that you can achieve other things.

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  • Relaxing

Being confident and being comfortable go hand in hand. Someone who is comfortable in their own skin is almost always perceived as someone who is confident. Research indicates that certain kinds of music are relaxing. Someone who is relaxed is more likely to be comfortable. Being relaxed also gets rid of stress and anxiety, which will result in higher self-esteem as well as countless other benefits.

  • Risk taking

Performing a piece of music can be very scary to a lot of people. Just the thought of being on stage brings fear and anxiety to most of us. Taking the risk and performing anyway sometimes can be hard, but very rewarding, especially to the self-esteem of whoever performs. Some styles like jazz value risk taking a lot, and not only improve self-esteem, but also highlight one’s personality giving them a better sense of who they are as a person.

  • Emotional Balance

Emotional balance is key to being confident. When you are emotionally balanced, you are in control of who you are. In order to be emotionally balanced, you need to understand how you are feeling and why you are feeling the way you feel at any given time. Research indicates that musicians are statistically more emotionally developed then the average person. This gives us musicians more empathy for others, better skills to coping with fears and a higher self-esteem.


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5 Ways in Which Music Improves Self-Esteem
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