My name is Felipe Paccagnella. I created this website to provide individuals with better tools to connect with music and children. I believe that today’s society has barriers that harm the development of children and adults. This website’s goal is to use music and education to overcome these barriers in order to promote a better society both now and in the future.


Well that sounded nerdy.. hahah


I spend most of my time practicing piano, guitar, saxophone, bass guitar or drums. Music is the biggest part of my life without a doubt. Music isn’t just the source of my income, but also the the science, art, and language that I appreciate the most.


Aside from a degree in Jazz Piano, I have a letter of recognition in Music Therapy and am working towards a degree in Psychology. I love reading, researching and learning. This website is a collection of my findings and beliefs.


I look forward to getting to know you!

Sincerely, Felipe




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